Q: Are you a nonprofit?
 A: We are a for-profit e-commerce business with a mission to help artists with disabilities earn an income from their art and gain greater financial independence. We will pay artists above-industry royalties for each product sold, and artists will maintain their original copyright. Our mission includes partnerships with nonprofits that already serve artists with disabilities. IntoWishin' Arts will also donate profits to our non-profit partners to create even more art creation opportunities. We intend to earn B-Corp status in order to provide transparency about our business practices.  

Q: What is a B Corp?
A: Benefit Corporations are built on the idea that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders—it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet. We are structuring our business practices using B Corp criteria, and are applying to be a B Corp. We'll be updating our status when our application is accepted. Read more

Q: Why do you keep using the word "PossAbilities" to describe your artists?
A: Language is constantly evolving around the "correct" way to describe people with "disabilities." We chose to focus on peoples' "PossAbilities." We learned this from a 5 year old. We really did! We believe every human being is a broad spectrum of PossAbilities. Some of us are good at math but are terrible singers. Others possess beautiful singing voices but can't divide numbers to save our lives. Our company is all about viewing people for what they are capable of, naturally and joyfully, and then creating a community of PossAbilitees where, together we can make life better!

Q: Who can sell art on your web sites?
A: We review art from adults 18 years and older. Creative people with physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges from any background can submit samples of their creations to be considered for sale.

Q: Do I have to have a disability to sell art on your web sites?
A: We have a mission to give people with disabilities, or as we like to say "PossAbilities" the opportunity to explore their creative talents and increase personal independence through the arts. There are many other publishers that exist for other artists.

Q: Will it cost artists anything to sell art on your web sites?
A:  No. If your art is selected to be featured on our sites, we'll do all the marketing and selling. You can help your sales by sharing your items with your family, friends, and on your social networks, but if selected, it will never cost you anything to sell with us. 

Q: Do I have to be an adult to sell art on your websites?
A: Yes, you must be an adult able to enter a selling contract with us to be able to sell online. Artists 18 years or older who are represented by a guardian or non-profit service partner will need those entities to represent them on our contract.

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